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Infection surge in UK - reopening at risk

Infection surge in UK – reopening at risk

Is it about postponing Freedom Day on June 21 Health Secretary Matt Hancock was asked about BBC.

“We are completely open to doing so,” Hancock replied.

Early in February, Prime Minister Boris Johnson set June 21 as the date on which all Corona measures would be removed, as the last and fourth step in reopening.

Increase: Matt Hancock, Britain’s health minister, announced on Thursday that infections in the country were now increasing. He also said that as many as 3 out of 4 cases are the Indian mutation. Video: Ap
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Hancock notes that it was the first relevant date for a full reopening, but that it was always appropriate to postpone it if circumstances warranted it.

The British authorities announced that they will announce on June 14 whether the plan will be implemented or whether the date will be postponed.

A new wave of fear

What makes it so uncertain now is the Indian boom that is starting to spread among people in Britain. It is considered to be 40 per cent more contagious than the British variant.

Last week, more than 5,000 cases of the Indian type were recorded in the country.

Already in April it was Warn of the threat from the Indian variant. Then Prime Minister Johnson canceled his planned trip to India, after Britain had drawn up a red list for the country.

However, the country’s outgoing head of vaccines, Cliff Dix, came out in early May and said that Corona may become extinct from the UK in August.

Last week, Professor Martin Mackie announced a third wave of infections in the country Watchman. This is despite the fact that about 60 percent of the English population has received the first dose.

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– We can already see that the current infection control measures are not stopping the sudden increase in infections in many parts of the country. Mackie, who works in European public health, says it largely appears that we are now in the early stage of a third wave of infections.

wet opening

In early April, the British opened the community after several months with high infection rates and a strict lockdown.

They are marked with open restaurants.

Opens: Britain has opened its doors to society again, and on Monday 12 April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will go to a bar and drink beer. Video: AP
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to me BBC The streets of Soho, London, were crowded with people. Roads are closed to traffic to accommodate guests eating and drinking.

Honestly, it feels so good. A bar guest tells the channel it looks like you just got out of prison.

EM- glider

It was also opened to the public at events. In the FA Cup final in May, there were 21,000 fans inside the gates of Wembley who greeted about 90,000 when Leicester beat Chelsea.

Television pictures inside and outside the stadium at the time showed fans close together.

In June and July, several matches of the European Football Championship will be held in the same arena, and the audience is also scheduled to be in the stands.