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Infiltration: Jonas arrested at Lisbon airport and charged

Infiltration: Jonas arrested at Lisbon airport and charged

Jonas, the former Benfica striker, was arrested on Monday at Lisbon airport upon arrival from Brazil.

The former footballer was identified when he handed his passport over for surveillance by Foreigners and Border Service (SEF) officials and the IRS warning signal was issued. Meanwhile, Jonas, 38, was representing a defendant in the “Operação Fora de Jogo” range and was sentenced with minimal coercion and identity and residence conditions.

call him MoreTiago Gonçalves, Jonas’ brother and businessman, said that “when he was going through customs, he was asked to [Jonas] Provide updated information on current contacts (in Brazil) and current address (in Brazil)”, given that the player now has tax residency in his country, due to “the end of his career and especially the pandemic.” [de covid-19]in the year 2020.

The brother of the ex-footballer also indicates to our newspaper that he has been informed that after updating his personal data, he will be called “to provide information regarding an investigation against Benfica, in which some players were mentioned who, for this reason, passed in certain seasons.

Remember that in March 2020, . was released The IRS carried out inspections of a number of clubsAmong them are the Big Three V. Guimarães and Sp. Braga. at the climax The Public Prosecution Office has formed 47 defendants: 24 legal persons and 23 individuals. Among the accused were “football players, agents or intermediaries, lawyers and sports officials” on suspicion of involvement in tax fraud and money laundering.

Jonas ended his career in 2019, after five seasons with Benfica, where he played 183 matches and scored 137 goals, becoming the club’s second best foreign scorer, behind Oscar Cardozo (172).

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