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Inflation scares Wall Street.  The Dow is down more than 600 points - Bolsa

Inflation scares Wall Street. The Dow is down more than 600 points – Bolsa

The Dow Jones closed down 1.36% (473.66 points) to settle at 34,269.16 points, after dropping more than 600 points during the session. This is after it reached a historic high in intraday trading yesterday at 35,091.56 points.

The Dow was the North American index bearing fears of rising inflation, but it was a tiring day and ended up being the most losing index.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index returned 0.87% to 4,152.10 points, after last Friday’s 4,238.04 points maximum.

For its part, the Nasdaq technology index fell by 0.09% to 13,389.43 points, after yesterday witnessed the worst session since March 18, down 2.55%.

The tech index came under severe pressure due to losses in most of the fastest growing stocks, as it was the day that managed to gain more momentum – it even bargained a bit in the green.

Prices are rising in many sectors, at a time when the raw materials are [como os metais, à conta da sua maior procura decorrente da melhoria económica], Shipping costs and other related categories are becoming more and more expensive.

“Although we are coming out of record time in showing quarterly accounts, the ongoing supply chain and job shortages are contributing to potential inflationary pressures,” said Ryan Detrick, chief financial market strategist at LPL.

Although problems related to product shortages and supply chains have been expected for months, these concerns now weigh more heavily on the stock market.

Price rises are weighing on broader inflation indices, which in turn could lead to the US Federal Reserve changing its monetary policy earlier than expected – although the Fed will repeatedly say in the US lately that managers ’interest at their historic lows will continue for a while. The longest.

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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated that for the central bank to change its policy, there must be an improvement in the labor market and a rise in inflation in the medium term – a temporary rise in the short term is something that does not scare us. Federal Reserve.