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Prefeitura vai fazer mutirão de testes rápidos para ver a origem das infecções

Influenza syndrome cases exploded in December in SB – News

invitations flu syndrome It exploded in December in the health units of the municipality of São Paulo and a total of 91,882 consultations took place in the first half of the month, of which 45,325 were suspected cases. COVID-19. In the whole of November, there were 111,949 consultations with flu-like symptoms (56,220 suspected of having the novel coronavirus).

The information is coming from City Hall, which in response to the surge in cases this week will begin a joint effort to rapid tests in UPAs (emergency care units), AMAs (ambulatory medical assistance), PA (emergency care) and emergency rooms in order to determine which of these illnesses is Covid- 19.

It should be noted, however, that the current levels of epidemic cases and deaths in the state are Palace since April 2020, shortly after the start of the health emergency. The improvement in the situation came after the capital and state, respectively, reached 102.4% and 95.11% of the adult population with a full vaccination schedule.

The city is also investigating whether the cases were caused by other types of respiratory viruses – Just like in Rio de Janeiro – Collect samples in children’s hospitals, public hospitals, as well as in private health units.

The samples are sent to the Public Health Laboratory of the Adolfo Lutz Institute, which determines the type of virus.

“This year, in the city of São Paulo, 119,873 cases of SARS requiring hospitalization were reported. Of these, 205 (0.2%) were confirmed to be caused by the influenza virus. In 2020, it was Reporting 120,850 cases of cancer with hospitalization, the city council said in a memo that 242 were classified as influenza.”

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“Seasonal influenza is an acute febrile infectious disease with an increased risk of complications in some at-risk groups. The disease can progress to more serious forms such as necrosis and even death.”

Therefore, the official thrust is to maintain a social distance, cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, as well as always wash your hands after contact with respiratory secretions.