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Influenza vaccination campaign growing in Niteroi

Influenza vaccination campaign growing in Niteroi

The city of Niterói is ramping up influenza (influenza) vaccination in the city. The immunizing agent is available in all regional clinics, in the Family Medicine Program (PMF) units and in the Basic Health Units (UBS). Doses are administered Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the vaccination rooms of health facilities. To receive the dose, people 6 months of age or older must go to health facilities with ID. All populations over 6 months of age can be vaccinated.

Bedridden elderly and people with severe mobility difficulties who are part of the priority group can schedule an influenza vaccination through the link To receive the vaccine at home. All you have to do is register at the e-mail address by filling out a questionnaire stating the full name, date of birth, gender, CPF, address, health status of the person to be vaccinated and the phone number to contact.

Rio has recorded an increase in the number of influenza syndrome reports in hospital units. According to the municipal health department, in the past week, the number of cases of influenza caused by influenza increased in the samples collected. The resurgence of respiratory viruses, amid the Covid pandemic, has already ignited a warning sign of a possible re-emergence of influenza influenza.

For people who choose private and home care, San Francisco Lab, Act San Francisco groupOffer a 15% discount on vaccination. The laboratory is located at Rua Ator Paulo Gustavo, 35, Icaraí. Tel: (21) 3525-4044.

Laboratorio Sao Francisco, from the Sao Francisco group, offers a 15% discount on vaccination.

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