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.: Influenza vaccination continues in health facilities, depending on the availability of doses

.: Influenza vaccination continues in health facilities, depending on the availability of doses

author: Text and photos: Andressa Mota / CCS

The influenza vaccine (influenza/H1N1) has been expanded to all people aged six months or more due to low demand, and is available at all health facilities in the municipality while supplies run out. According to the last campaign balance, on 07/21 the city of Piracicaba, through the Municipal Health Department, applied 96,425 doses of the vaccine.

Vaccination is carried out in health facilities from Monday to Friday (weekdays), from 8 in the morning. To receive the vaccine, a person must bring a photo identification document. To vaccinate children, it is also necessary to show the vaccination card.

Even with the expansion of the age group envisaged in the campaign, the goal of vaccinating 90% of the people who make up the priority groups in the first and second phases continues. However, coverage has not yet been achieved. According to the balance, 65,309 people included in these stages were vaccinated, which represents 55% of the estimated total for this category of 118,643 people. Target (90%) corresponds to 106,776 people.

Municipal Health Department applied 96,425 doses of influenza vaccine by July 21

The priority groups for the first and second stages are children over six months and up to six years old; health workers; pregnant; Postpartum women (women up to 45 days after childbirth); Seniors and Basic Education Teachers in Public and Private Networks.

The influenza vaccination campaign (influenza/H1N1) aims to reduce complications, hospitalizations and deaths from influenza virus infection in the target population for vaccination, as well as to prevent consequences for health services, reduce disease burden, and reduce symptoms that could be confused with Covid-19.

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The campaign aims to vaccinate 106,776 people from priority groups

COVID-19 This year’s influenza vaccination campaign coincides with the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The Ministry of Health advises residents to prioritize the vaccine against Covid-19. The minimum interval between the two vaccinations should be 14 days.

Source: Piracicaba Town Hall.

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