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Influenza vaccination less than expected in Tubarao

Influenza vaccination less than expected in Tubarao

Municipal Health Corporation shark, In the south of the state, it was announced this week that the flu vaccination has fallen short of expectations in the city.

According to the agency, The campaign started on April 4th, about six thousand doses are applied, and it is expected that there will be at least 22 thousand. Thus, it reached only 27.2% of the target audience, including the elderly and health workers, in this first phase.

Influenza vaccination far less than expected in Tubarao – Photo: Public Images / Disclosure / ND

“The strange thing is that we have seen many cases of influenza and H3N2 between the end of December and the beginning of January, which we have not seen before, because cases of influenza usually increase between May and August, which are months when temperatures are more moderate. However, people are not looking About the vaccine,” notes the director of the Municipal Health Foundation, Dyson Trevisol.

Trivisol also confirms that the vaccine is up-to-date and effective against H3N2.

The number of elderly people who have been vaccinated so far has reached 4,267, which is equivalent to 22.2% of the total public. Among health workers, 50.9% of the total were vaccinated, corresponding to 1,657 doses.

The city promotes the importance of vaccination

The municipality of Tubarao promotes the importance of citizens receiving a dose of the vaccine. Health professionals who wish to be immunized must prove a link with a company in the field or provide a document proving their performance in the area, including registration with a professional council.

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Campaigns take place in UBS (Basic Health Units), in Central Polínica and in the Saúde Mais Perto de Você bus program, until June 3.

For the addresses of the vaccination rooms or the schedule of the vaccination bus, visit the website