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Ingvild Wittrus Thorsvik suggests that the Azaizeh in Gaza receive the Peace Prize

Ingvild Wittrus Thorsvik suggests that the Azaizeh in Gaza receive the Peace Prize

Moataz Azaysa (24 years old) gives the world an insight into the atrocities in Gaza. He is now a nominee for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize.


– Through the pictures of Al-Azaizeh Instagram account It gives more than 18 million people around the world an insight into how terrible events affected the citizens of Gaza, Ingvild Wittrus Thorsvik tells VG.

As a representative of the Storting, she takes the opportunity to send it nomination Aziza L Nobel Committee.

She says she appreciates Al-Azaizeh providing photos and videos that the Israeli authorities do not want us to see.

International journalists are not allowed to enter. Many local journalists were killed.

big danger

– It is almost impossible to describe the amount of risk taken by those who also choose to document acts of war. But we are completely dependent on Al-Azaiza and his colleagues, says the liberal representative in Parliament.

She informed the party's parliamentary group of her desire to nominate Al-Azaizeh. Nomination goes to

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“I had the full support of everyone there,” says Venstri Ingveld.

The eyes of the world

And remember that those who stand up to the threats of powerful countries and continue to write and take pictures and film and audio recordings are the eyes and ears of the world.

The world needs them today, to understand it better. And for future generations, says the parliamentarian who works daily on the Judiciary Committee.

According to the numbers from Committee to Protect Journalists 83 journalists have been killed (as of January 27) in Gaza since the start of the war.

VG was unable to contact Moataz Azaza on Sunday. But on its own The latest videos from Gaza He says he is allowing himself to be evacuated from the war-prone area – and will not report from there in the future.

Can nominate: Ingvild Wittrus Thorsvik can nominate candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize in his role as parliamentary representative.