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Insomnia affects six out of ten women in menopause - gold medals now

Insomnia affects six out of ten women in menopause – gold medals now

07/07/2021 7:30 AM – Via Brazil Agency

At the age of 48, the housekeeper began to suspect that irritability and excess heat could be the onset of menopause.

“There were hot flashes three to four times a day, and it didn’t bother me too much. It took about six months, but then it started coming up constantly.

And I, who’ve never had trouble sleeping, recalls.” Like Vanda, insomnia affects six out of ten menopausal women, notes the Sonu Institute.

“In this postmenopausal period, we feel symptoms caused by low estrogen, which is the main hormone a woman loses when the ovaries fail, that is, when they reach the end of their reproductive stage,” the doctor explains. Helena Huchul de Campos, researcher at the Sono Institute and professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp).

The consequences of hormone deficiency are expressed early or late. When your period stops, the best known symptom is hot flashes, called hot flashes, which affect 70% of women. Mood Swings; and irritability.

After a few years of no estrogen, late symptoms appear, such as dry skin, vaginal dryness, abdominal fat deposits, increased risk of cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, ease of weight gain with reduced metabolism and changes in bone metabolism.

Regarding sleep, the doctor explains that even in the transitional phase, it is common for hormone fluctuations to cause some effects.

“This leaves us more likely to wake up,” he notes. Other factors that contribute to sleep disturbances are frequent bathroom trips due to increased bladder relaxation.

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Studies by the Institut de Sono also show that with every centimeter of abdominal circumference, the risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea increases by 5%.

“Because of these menopausal changes, you start to have more belly fat, more neck fat, and you start to have apnea,” explains Helena.

what should be done

Vanda sought the health service, and after some evaluations, it was found that she had an indication for hormone replacement therapy.

However, she says it was an alternative resource that changed her life. “I’ve fallen in love.

I decided that meditation would be a part of my life. I’ve learned to breathe, to be patient, and to give it time.”

“We have different types of treatment, hormonal therapy, alternative therapies, herbal medicine, and we don’t need to wait for it to look horrible.

We should always follow up every year [com as idas ao ginecologistas] And watch what appears,” the doctor instructs.

sleep tips

There are several complications resulting from staying up late at night. Helena’s plural: “If we had incomplete sleep stages, the next day we would have turbulence, memory loss, and anger.”

It also warns of damage related to immunity and easy weight gain. “It’s pretending to be a cell phone.

Do I accept 100% or 60% of battery power already? To find out if sleep is beneficial or not, and the majority say it was not,” he advises.

Healthy eating, set schedules in the routine, physical activity, not drinking coffee from the end of the afternoon, having a quiet room with low light, not looking at the clock, not eating heavy meals at dinner, and avoiding bed cell phone use are some of the tips for recovering sleep.

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