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Instagram and Facebook launch innovative artificial intelligence for advertisers |  technology

Instagram and Facebook launch innovative artificial intelligence for advertisers | technology

This Wednesday, Meta began launching a usage Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated for advertisers Instagram It’s from Facebook. There are three tools that allow you to change product images, resize content for different grid formats, and create different versions of text.

Testing of AI for advertisers began in May, with a closed group of agencies and companies participating in the “AI Sandbox.” The goal, using the tools, is to increase productivity in ad creation and improve campaign performance.

According to the company, the rollout of the new features is gradual and should be completed by the end of this year for those using Ads Manager, Meta’s campaign management platform. “This will help them produce more pieces in the same period of time, creating space for more strategic and creative activities,” Marine Lau, Meta’s vice president of Latin America, said in a statement.

Generative AI for advertising

The company’s announcement comes a week after Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, announced that the company would apply generative AI, such as ChatGPT, to all of its social networks, with chatbots and image creation and editing features. Some of the advertising tools are similar to those that will soon be available to all users:

  • Change background: The first tool is background creation, where, using artificial intelligence, advertisers will be able to change product images more quickly, based on the original images. The options will be “simple backgrounds with colors and patterns,” explains Meta.=
  • Expand image: The resource will allow advertising segments to be adapted to different formats used on networks, such as feeds and reels. The idea is for the content to be adaptable more quickly.
  • Assistant for the book: The third feature is the one that suggests different versions of the ad copy, based on the original content. The tool, currently only available in English, will offer ad text suggestions to improve the campaign’s reach.
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Advertising revenue recovery

This is the first in a series of new generative AI capabilities that Meta will be launching for advertising and business. One of the next steps, which is already being tested, is for businesses to use AI to interact with customers on Messenger and WhatsApp.

As artificial intelligence expands, Meta hopes to recover part of the losses it incurred last year as advertising revenues declined. In 2022, the company’s total advertising revenue fell from US$46.7 billion to US$28.9 billion, compared to 2021. Earnings from advertisers remained practically stable – with a slight decline of US$117.9 billion to US$116.6 billion.

The strategy has achieved results. In the second quarter of the year, Meta reported advertising revenues of US$31.5 billion, an increase of 12% compared to the same period last year, also in light of the improving scenario for technology companies.