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Instagram has finished with exclusive posts! Now for everyone

For a long time, Instagram only allowed verified accounts, or accounts with more than 10,000 followers, to add links to their stories. Now, the social network has decided to end the exclusivity of this feature, becoming available to all users.

This news is new a poster (sticker), which allows you to add a link to an external page on Instagram. With the opening of the file url sticker For everyone, the famous “swipe up” function disappears at once.

Adding a link to Instagram Stories has never been easier

You will quickly realize that this new feature is very simple and practical. To link to your next story, simply select the new story. a poster Link and paste the URL of the desired page. Then, as with everyone else a posterYou will be able to customize its size and position, as well as color options.

No specific information has been revealed yet, but Instagram confirmed that they are currently working on developing new ways to customize this. a poster. The main objective will be to enable the content creator to make his followers understand the content of the link.

The social network anticipated the misconduct of many users, and warned early on that those using the new tool to share inappropriate content would quickly lose access to it. a poster.

The new sticker is now made available to all users, but it may take a few days for everyone to have access. If you still do not see a file sticker link When creating your stories, just wait a little longer.

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