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Instagram is inspired by Telegram and launches sending channels

Instagram is inspired by Telegram and launches sending channels

The feature has been in testing since February. (photo: clone)

Instagram announced the news for the platform. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network expands transmission channels around the world with new features and engagement capabilities for accounts of different sizes and niches. The tool has the same suggestion as on Telegram.

The features, which will gradually become available to all users, have been being tested in the US since February. Among the new tools for creators, broadcast channels stand out. Anyone can find them on Instagram, but to get full access to what they post and receive notifications when there are new posts, you need to follow the creator who made them and subscribe to the channel.

Alongside them are new management and promotion support controls, such as the ability to add a moderator to help the creator manage members, messages, and content in general. The goal, according to the company, is to facilitate fast and widespread communication for content creators.

In Brazil, presenter Sabrina Sato, DJ Alok and influencers Lucas Rangel and Joao Pedro Mota have already joined the tool, which can be accessed via a link available in their profile bio. The resource, however, is only available for cell phone navigation.

The social network is also betting on new survey models. Now, followers have the option to answer questions asked by content creators, which also allows surveys to be used in the opposite direction of what was done.

Instagram isn’t the Meta’s only social network for advertising so-called broadcast channels. Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced the channels, which have the same name and functionality as competitor Telegram.

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According to WhatsApp, the purpose of the tool, which is available for regular accounts and WhatsApp Business accounts, is to “bring more convenience” to the user by combining multiple sources of information in the app. Channels will be grouped into a new tab called Updates, to prevent the contents of Spaces from “crowding” the main chatbox – unlike rival Telegram, where groups, channels and private chats are in the same window.

WhatsApp also intends to differentiate itself from the competitor with its privacy features. The messenger must punish those who use the feature to spread fake news and hate speech.