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Instagram is testing artificial intelligence to verify the age of users

Instagram is testing artificial intelligence to verify the age of users

The social network Instagram is testing new ways to verify the age of its users, including an artificial intelligence facial recognition tool, to verify that people are 18 or older.

Tools are not yet available to try to keep kids off the Meta platform.

The use of artificial intelligence for facial recognition, especially in teens, has raised some alarms, given Mita’s turbulent history, When it comes to protecting users’ privacy.

Mita emphasized that the technology used to verify the age of people Unable to identify you – only age. Once verification is complete, Meta, in partnership with Yoti “Startup”, Face video recording will be deleted.

The owner of Facebook and Instagram said that starting today, if anyone tries to edit their birthday on the platform to post videos and photographs of under-18s or older, You will need to verify your age using one of these methods.

Meta continues to face questions about the negative effects of its products, especially Instagram, on some teens.

technically, Children must be at least 13 years old to join Instagram, similar to other social networks. But some get around this problem by lying about their age or having a parent do it.

To use the face scan option, User must submit a “selfie” videowhich was turned into Yoti, a London-based startup that uses people’s facial features to estimate their age.

Yoti is one of several biometric companies benefiting from the UK and Europe’s push towards stronger age verification technology. To prevent children from accessing pornography, dating apps and other adult content.

The professor at the University of Cambridge Law School warned that “although Instagram is likely living up to its promise of deleting images of a candidate’s face and not attempting to use it to recognize individual faces, the normalization of face scanning poses other social concerns”. (UK) Dara Murray.

Meta announced in 2021 that it would shut down Facebook’s facial recognition system and delete the facialprints of more than a billion people after years of scrutiny by courts and regulators.

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