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Instagram separates user accounts and raises concerns  technology

Instagram separates user accounts and raises concerns technology

Users complain of instability on Instagram on Thursday night (21) – Image: Downdetector/ Reproduction

Instagram disconnected the accounts of thousands of people on Thursday (21). Due to the failure, some users suspected that they had been hacked.

According to the website Downdetector, which collects reports on instability in several countries, the problems with the social network began around 7 pm (Brasilia time). The largest peak in complaints occurred at 8:19 p.m., with 1,909 notifications.

When opening the application on their mobile phone or desktop, users of the social network received the following message: “You have been disconnected. Log in again.” When you click the “Enter” button, your login is completed.

The events were:

  • access to a mobile app (66%);
  • login(30%);
  • Mail (4%).

Required by g1Meta, an Instagram company, did not return until after the article was published.

Instability was the top trending topic on X (formerly Twitter). A few minutes of instability generated fallout and even memes:

Instability on Instagram leads to repercussions on X (formerly Twitter) – Image: Reproduction/X

Memes created after Instagram instability — Image: Reproduction/X

Memes after Instagram separated user accounts – Image: Reproduction/X

Memes after Instagram logs out of users' profiles – Image: Reproduction/X

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