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Instagram Tests option that allows hiding or showing the number of likes

Instagram Tests option that allows hiding or showing the number of likes

Instagram will begin testing a new option that will give users the ability to hide Likes It was mentioned in the publications.

In 2019, the company began enforcing this change, and applying it to some users who have, since then, had this hidden number of accounts other than their own.

However, that would now be possible Choose to see a number Likes In other people’s posts and hide the number of “likes”. The experiment will extend to Facebook, which will test a similar strategy on its platform, he wrote Just.

At first, the idea was Reducing stress associated with sawing Online content, since many people tend to worry about the way they go Posts It is received by your followers, and its popularity is measured by the number of likes.

The problem is most pronounced in the younger segments, which even delete posts when they don’t receive enough “likes.”

Hide this variable from other users and keep it a secret only from the authors Posts, Instagram aims to Stave off the “herd effect” Of its platform, prompting users to like it Posts Which has already garnered many likes.

However, some people were against the change because they wanted to continue to understand what content was part of the trends and what was popular through the number of likes. The argument was mostly used in between Influencers.

Instagram Weigh both arguments From this analysis, this alternative appears, which puts in the hands of users the decision to hide or not to hide Likes.

The new option will only appear on some accounts. At the moment, the social network did not say how long the test would take or whether there were actually plans to make the job more affordable.

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