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Instituto do Sono and Softex have launched the web series Dona Ciência Collection

Instituto do Sono and Softex have launched the web series Dona Ciência Collection

To facilitate access to science and promote inclusion and diversity, Instituto do Sono, in partnership with the Association for Research Incentive Fund (AFIP) and Softex, is transforming the Dona Ciência comic book collection into an educational web series.

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Hey Sleep Institute She has been developing a line of picture books called Dona Ciência over the past seven years. This initiative has fascinated children, teenagers and professionals, making science accessible to everyone in a fun and simplified way. Now a partnership has been concluded between the Research Incentive Fund Association (AFIPSoftex turned this collection into a web series, expanding its audience and making it part of a multimedia project.

The partnership will result in 8 comic books being turned into videos by the end of this year, and 15 more in 2024, all 2-3 minutes long. The videos will be made available on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Dona Ciência’s YouTube, in coordination with Softex. Dona Ciência’s collection is a comprehensive work that highlights the importance of women and the black population in building science and technology in Brazil.

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The character Dona Ciência shows how society benefits from scientific discoveries and raises public awareness about science-related issues that affect everyday life. Furthermore, the initiative enhances children’s basic skills to understand, explore and engage in the scientific world, which contributes to the development of critical thinking.

Hey Sleep Institute It is part of AFIP, a private, non-profit, charitable foundation founded by health professionals, university professors and researchers more than 40 years ago. Its goal is to provide financial support for educational activities, scientific research and medical care of the population.

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This action is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Goal 4 (Quality Education), Goal 10 (Reduced Inequality) and Goal 13 (Action against Global Climate Change) by addressing global warming in your educational approach.