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Insults and insults.  Marilia Pera's daughter is among the victims of Pedro Pico: "Talent but a bad character" - Nacional

Insults and insults. Marilia Pera’s daughter is among the victims of Pedro Pico: “Talent but a bad character” – Nacional

The Brazilian actress Nina Morena, daughter of Globo star Marilia Pera, denounce the Former “Big Brother” contestant Pedro Picco For not paying for a “Taste of Drag” show and verbal abuse.

In comments to the blog Portugal Giro from O Globo newspaper.Nina announced that she was insulted by Pedro Pico after he canceled several shows that had already been agreed – and that the actors depended on perception to receive payment.

In the agreement she has with Drag Taste, Marília Pêra’s daughter will work for six months, and receive thousand euros of wages Throughout this period and depending on the rehearsals six days a week, as well as three shows a week, from Friday to Sunday. The daily rate offered by Pedro Pico was €32.25.


Marilia Pera and Nina Morena
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But part of the shows were canceled, and the actress denounced, lowering that pay. “He was canceling, because he was drunk and causing problems. But He always had an audience, because he is talented, but he is a bad character. So much so that there are many complaints from people without compensation and employees without payment. “It’s starting to fluctuate,” said Nina Morena.

In July, everything will have gotten much worse with The disappearance of Pedro Picco. Nina was asked to replace him on stage for one night. The creator of Drag Taste had called Nina to make the first insults.

🇧🇷Completely drunk, he insulted me and said horrible things and blamed me for drowning out the taste of clouds. The next day I played my part and was asked to curse me of insulting the %, manipulating me, saying that I was responsible for destroying everything, and leaving everyone jobless. It was heavy and I was depressed for three months, unable to work, while Drag Taste was shutting down and He left thirty unemployed people without pay“, He said.

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Due to the cancellation, Nina Morena says she made a few offers and would miss the €62.50 payment. “My value was low because I was due to do shows from Friday to Sunday, which were cancelled. And he paid the others. But it’s not for the money, because he just didn’t pay me because he thought I was a bitch# and he didn’t have to pay. He said he should That he goes to Drag Taste and collects things and sells them. And people on the street without money to pay rent or buy food. There are people on the team for them 4,000 euros, 3,000 euros or 1,500 euros.”

The Brazilian drag queen Paul Santos She was one of Nina Morena’s witnesses when she was allegedly insulted by Pedro Pico. “We tried to understand her and calm her down. It was awful. She played her part in the show after contracting the virus […] When [Pedro] He appeared, changed physically, smelled of alcohol and was aggressive. The show ended and everyone was expelled without warning.”

Powell, one of the victims of Pedro Picco’s debt, After being left without paying four thousand euros.

When “Big Brother” left, Pedro Pico responded to the first reports of abuse in the Drag Taste environment: “What came out is not true! Everyone in “Drag Taste” was paid very well, and everyone was receiving very wellThere was no cyclist queen in this country during the pandemic who had a job and with her there were dozens and hundreds of artists every day, People who receive between 2,000 and 3,000 euros per month🇧🇷 Complain about working long hours, leisure life is like that.”

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