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Insults and rebellion: Senel de Cordes loses control of the stage and the spectators leave the room

Insults and rebellion: Senel de Cordes loses control of the stage and the spectators leave the room


On stage were Rui Senel de Cordes, Salvador Martina and Luis Franco Bastos. The goal was to honor the fourth member of the Lx Comedy Club, Ricardo Velao, who died in September. But Senel de Cordes, “drunk, cheerful and energetic”, insulted a viewer and said he “should die of cancer”. Many people left the show midway through.

Rui Senel de Cordes, Ricardo Velao, Salvador Martina, and Luis Franco Bastos at Lx Comedy Club.

Instagram @luisfrancobastos

Rui Senel de Cordes, Salvador Martina and Luis Franco Bastos came together to honor their friend Ricardo Velao, who died four months ago. However, in Lisbon, “I'll die tomorrow” didn't go the best way. Senel de cordes He is accused of abusing a viewer and of “disgraceful”, “extremely dangerous” and “disrespectful” behaviour. Several people left the room mid-show. On social media, the reports are multiplying. SIC Notícias heard the testimony of an onlooker who knocked on the door.

Tivoli Theater BBVAIn Lisbon, Tuesday, January 23. Hey The first of two honors goes to comedian Ricardo VelaoWho died in September 2023 at the age of 45, and who was “the joy of the group.” The four Formed Lx Comedy Club They toured all over the country. The solidarity show, with proceeds going to the villain's family, was supposed to be about “stories and memories of the villain's influence,” but that wasn't quite the case.

It started off “well” and “good dynamics” between the three. However, always armed with a cinnamon de cordes drink “He started groping,” he admitted, informed an onlooker who did not wish to reveal his identity. From then on, he “took charge of the show, without following the line-up” and without allowing his colleagues to speak.

“At one point, he left the stage shouting loudly that he needed to ‘pee.’ It clearly left Salvador Martina and Luis Franco Bastos confused. They were trying to save time, with some embarrassment. After returning to the stage, Roy came in cheerful and energetic, his voice already slowing down“, He said.

until He fell on the stage and went back to “not letting his colleagues speak.” The atmosphere was “tense” both on stage and in front of the audience. “No one laughed.”

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This is where nerves flare. From the first rows you hear “something like this”: “Roy, let them talk.”

How does Sinyl de Cordis interact? With “insults and screaming”: “Shut up, you motherfucker!”, “You're a cow”, “You should die of cancer”, “You're normal”.

“I would kill you myself for interrupting me, if it weren't for the sight of the villain.”he said, according to a viewer report to SIC Notícias.

The woman left the room “ashamed and embarrassed,” and a larger number of people stood with her. “That's it, go away you motherfucker,” the comedian said. “The evil friend doesn't deserve this,” someone shouted from the theater, accusing the comedian of being “ordinary.”

According to the viewer, Salvador Martina “put his hands on his head” and Luis Franco Bastos “dropped his face”. He depicts that they “felt disappointed and ashamed.”

with “Deep disgust” and “shame of others”, the viewer that SIC Notícias spoke to was one of those who abandoned Tivoli BBVA. He reports that people outside were “in disbelief.” The man who claimed to be an acquaintance of Ricardo Velao, “He was trembling with anger because he had spoiled his honor.”

“These were public insults, insults and defamation, completely unwarranted, and the state of intoxication and consumption or the fact that it was a tribute to a loved one who had recently died does not excuse or mitigate them. It was very serious,” he told SIC. News .

For this viewer Roy, as a comedian, died there.. He stopped following him and said he would “never watch any of his shows.”

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On Instragram, one user thought it was Sinel de Cordes “Disgraceful” and “completely disrespectful”But he thanked Salvador Martina and Luis Franco Bastos “for what we were able to provide.” In the same post, other viewers thanked the comedians “for Manage to deal with other people's shame“.