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Insurance: This insurance company is the only company that gives bonuses for healthy habits - C Studio

Insurance: This insurance company is the only company that gives bonuses for healthy habits – C Studio

Who would have thought it would be possible. We are not trying to deceive you. This is really true. There is an insurance company that offers bonuses, rewards, and discounts to customers who have healthy habits. that simple. The program is called Vitality multi care. For every recommendation that is followed and the goal of physical activity is achieved, users receive rewards. And you don’t need to be an athlete to “win”!

Over protection

a Multiple Care Vitality Program, a pioneer in behavioral change, promoting health knowledge (in areas such as nutrition, sleep, mental well-being…) and motivating clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Commitment to this program is testament to Multicare’s “biggest commitment”: to be with customers and go above and beyond every day. Moving forward, protection is not enough for Multicare. Prevention is key and the insurance company has chosen to reward customers with rewards, rewards and discounts to promote healthy lifestyles and positive behaviours.

What is the Multicare Vitality Program?

It is a program that promotes health and well-being by rewarding users who adopt a healthy lifestyle. Through the application, the user can learn more about their health, improve their physical condition and adopt a healthier life by following the recommendations for lifestyle changes. All this leads to the realization of bonuses and other advantages.

Who can use?

The Multicare Vitality program is exclusive to all eligible customers who have multi-care health insurance or Fidelidade life insurance. To enjoy the benefits, simply download the application, follow the recommendations, accept the challenges and exceed the goals. No need to run. Walking, for example, turns into points for achieving weekly goals. This is a program open to all who share a taste for healthy living.

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What can you win?

FidCoins, which are Fidelidade exchange units that you can then redeem for coupons at program partners – Pingo Doce, Decathlon, Farmácias Portuguesas, Netflix, Spotify, Celeiro and Fnac, among others. This equals 130 Euros of FidCoins per year. Furthermore, users Vitality multi care They also enjoy an annual discount on multi-care health insurance of up to 15%. And when you buy a smartwatch (the companion of any self-respecting athlete) Garmin or Apple Watch, you receive up to €300 cashback at FidCoins over two years. Do you want better?

This is the appeal to change life! Work out at your own pace, improve your health and go further.