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Intel Core 12000: Some coolers will have problems!

As you know, with the launch of the new Intel Core 12000, and the subsequent launch of new Z690 motherboards equipped with the LGA1700 socket… A lot will change in the world of cooling! In other words, on refrigerants.

After all, with the change of socket, all coolers released so far are not immediately compatible with the new Intel platform.

Yes, it is true that brands release adapters, and some even offer them to consumers! But in some cases, this will not be enough, due to some flaws in adapting to the new platform.

Intel Core 12000: Even with adapters, some coolers will have problems

Right and middle side cooler assembled with ‘Kit’

Therefore, many cooler manufacturers have already announced that they will offer mounting kits for the new LGA1700 socket, if by chance it proves that it contains a Core 12000 (Alder Lake-S) processor, as well as one of the coolers selected for display .

This is excellent, because it allows the use of a component, which, if it happens to be AiO, will be very expensive and, therefore, troublesome to change for a new component. However, this actually seems to be causing some problems!

After all, according to Wccftech, some users who already have an assembly kit at home are experiencing some difficulties in placing the cooler on new motherboards and processors, especially in the distribution of thermal mass. As you can see above. (Yes, there are actually some consumers who use the motherboard + CPU combination).

We have the example of a Corsair H115 or a CoolerMaster ML360, which even with a mounting kit, can’t put enough pressure on the surface of the CPU to spread the thermal mass evenly.

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However, we cannot put aside human error or any kind of defects with the groups being sent to the respective user. But it is certainly something to bear in mind, if there are indeed communication problems between the AiO header and the surface of the CPU itself, in the vast majority of coolers already on the market.