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Intel will discontinue Surface Neo processors

For those who remember, the Surface Neo was a device Microsoft promised in mid-2019, but since then it looks like it won’t see the light of day — with a change of direction for the company’s focus. This has been further confirmed by Intel.

The Surface Neo was a device that was supposed to hit the market with Windows 10X, but one that Microsoft has been constantly putting off — and now it seems unlikely that it will arrive with Windows 11.

This device will arrive with a batch of processors from Intel in the Lakefield architecture, which the company is now announcing will start entering the discontinued phase. Lakefield processors were revealed in 2019 but only for a few very specific devices, among them the Lenovo X1 Fold… and the Surface Neo.

Given that Intel now to confirm stop From this processor, which indicates that the company is no longer producing units for the market, it also means that the Surface Neo is unlikely to come with the same – or even at all.

However, the news of the line stopping wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. One of the main criticisms of these processors was precisely the poor performance, and therefore this was probably due to the lack of hardware that actually entered the market.

Officially, Microsoft has not yet halted production of the Surface Neo, only stating that it is “temporarily suspended”, so it could still be released at some point in the future. But he’s likely to have a new hardware, considering that Windows 11 appears to be well optimized for the ARM architecture as well.

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