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Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant is mandatory on new vehicles from today. How does it work? – Present

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“It is a safety system that signals to drivers when they are driving too fast. This speed limiter has generated a lot of controversy since the European Union imposed its application on car manufacturers. That is why it has been “regulated” in terms of the way it works,” explains the Automóvel Clube de Portugal on its website. location.

This system, “through GPS data and the use of a front camera capable of recognizing traffic signs,” allows the car to warn the driver when he is driving excessively fast.

“In the first phase, it was expected that the speed limiter, upon recognizing the speed limit, would not allow the vehicle to exceed it, leaving the driver no way to bypass the system. However, this proposal has been criticized due to some risks that, for example, the speed limiter could reduce engine power when exceeding.”

Thus, “it turns out that the driver can turn off the ISA system, although it is always activated every time the car is started. When activated, the speed limiter will only inform the driver that it has exceeded the permissible limit.”

It should be noted that this system is mandatory “for new M and N models (i.e. four-wheeled, for transporting passengers and/or goods) that will be launched on the market from 6 July 2022”.

“However, from 7 July 2024, the ISA will become mandatory for all new cars on sale, regardless of their date of manufacture. Therefore, a car that was officially approved in June 2022 is exempt from the application of the ISA in July of that year. However, in July 2024, this car must be equipped with a speed limiter.”

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If you have a previous car, nothing will change. “For the remaining cars that were already in circulation before the rule came into effect, no conversion is required from the owner.”

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