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Intract column: A part of happiness |

Intract column: A part of happiness |

Eintracht Frankfurt are finally lucky again against SC Freiburg. Our Eintracht column Reichs Resterampe knows what this has to do with Australian scratch cards.

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I think of Bill Morgan from time to time. Morgan is an Australian who was discharged from hospital after a series of strokes of fate – car accident, heart attack – bought a scratch card on the way home. With that ticket he won a new car, and a local TV company thought the story of the happy Morgan was so beautiful that they made up a short story about him. In it, Morgan tells his story, buys another ticket at a scratch card store, which he scratches to cut out pictures for the camera – and this time won $ 250,000, in front of the camera.

Happiness is a unique thing. Sometimes you just don’t have one, and then everything comes at once, in a kind of ketchup bottle of fate. Happiness can be two things: a state of deep inner satisfaction. Or a coincidence, a lucky coincidence. If you take it right, the previous form of happiness is in principle nothing more than the release of a few hormones somewhere in the brain, oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine. In other words, the Ottonormal-Eintracht fan will, at the time of the latest recording, shake its head in frustration, shake its head angrily, or shake one or more beers until obvious malfunction symptoms are noticed while playing Eintracht.

Fights that make you happy

The lack of luck on the part of the fans can be explained – not only because of the lack of luck, the game is called luck in sports terminology. But since Sunday it seems to be back in Frankfurt. Freiburg ping-pong pass to Jesper Lindstrom, he finished on the outside of the leg. Philippe Costic’s EEEVick long free kick went past everyone and went inside the post to make it 2-0 on the league’s surprise team. Two happy coincidences that led to a state of deep inner satisfaction. Or what would you call it if you happily hugged your TV after a truly significant success?

“The luck of the talented”, at least as Indract coach Oliver Glasner called it, leads to the conclusion that there may be many different kinds of luck than initially described. As they say you are also the Smith of your fortune, for example, if you look at Christian Joachim, for example, and you see how he works his enemies’ feet with his anvil hammer like a killer, how can it not make you happy?

Jesperlindstrom, a messenger in the hypothalamus

Oxytocin looks like the new Brazilian nine coming in the winter and delights Eintracht fans. Oxytocin, endorphins, jesperlindstrom, a messenger substance, cause a soothing smile on your face and the feeling that everything in the hypothalamus somehow works.

By the way, studies show that it is not entirely clear why oxytocin may increase aggression. Is that why pack formations make me so happy? Who knows. Here’s Frankfurt’s recipe for success in Freiburg: Go very aggressive to one another, and luck will surrender at some point. The Intract players said in unison after the game that you had fulfilled your luck.

Heart attack from happiness

Incidentally, there is a wonderful one from Morgan Video, He did not go about it particularly aggressively, he did not work for himself, he succeeds, and the great fortune is that, despite so much luck, he does not have an immediate next heart attack. But I may not have noticed anything, maybe he scratched it with particular determination or tact, and in a little while I will see it again. After the highlights of the Eintracht game.

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