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Investigation into top politicians begins after Pandora's papers - E24

Investigation into top politicians begins after Pandora’s papers – E24

In the Czech Republic, the police will investigate its prime minister, while the Pakistani prime minister will investigate his finance minister. The search for tax refugees in the corridors of power now begins.

Czech police say they will investigate the Czech citizens named in the Pandora Papers. This includes the country’s prime minister, Andre Babis.

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On Sunday, Aftenposten/E24 managed to unearth new leaks that show how the world’s richest and most powerful wealthy are hiding huge fortunes in tax havens.

Work became possible on the international documents that leaked Pandora’s Papers.

The leak shows, among other things, that 35 heads of state, more than 300 politicians, and 130 billionaires have used tax havens to hide wealth and business.

Strong reactions were revealed all over the world.

He will fulfill the revelation

In many countries, it has now been announced that cases will be investigated.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is one of those who can get the police to the doorstep. Among other things, he bought real estate in France for millions of dollars. He hid transactions through tax havens.

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Czech Donald Trump owns a secret castle in France

Czech police report Twitter They will investigate. They say they will “take action” after the revelations, not only against the prime minister, but against “all Czech citizens mentioned in the case”.

This wouldn’t be the first time the police had seen them in the cards. Babish has also previously been investigated for fraud and charged with tax evasion. As a result, he resigned as Finance Minister in 2017.

These new discoveries come even amid the rush of the Czech election campaign. The elections will be held on Friday and Saturday.

On Twitter, Babish denies doing anything illegal. But he says the revelation was an attempt to influence the election.

In a direct election debate, the Prime Minister claimed, to the laughter of the public, that the accusations were the work of an international mafia.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has set up a commission to investigate all 700 Pakistani nationals whose names appear in the Pandora newspapers. Among them are several ministers in his government.

according to ICIJ The governments of Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Australia and Panama have promised to follow suit.

EU removes tax havens from blacklist

Both Babis and the President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, who was also mentioned in the leak, are the leaders of the European Union countries.

Many MEPs are now highly critical of the Union’s action against tax evasion and secrecy. It’s reports Watchman.

The Pandora Papers leaks have once again revealed that the fight against tax havens and mailbox companies has made limited progress. Today’s way of exchanging cute messages is not good enough. We need deterrent penalties.

This was said by Marcus Ferber, the European People’s Party’s fiscal policy spokesman and Member of the European Parliament.

In 2017, 27 EU finance ministers submitted a blacklist of countries and territories they considered tax havens. This has been criticized for not being comprehensive enough.

However, on Tuesday, finance ministers decided to remove three regions, Seychelles, Anguilla and Dominica, from the list.

The European Parliament will meet on Wednesday to discuss what was revealed by the Pandora newspapers.

It is believed that the “tomato scandal” was constructed

The leak also revealed that Jordan’s King Abdullah had bought real estate in the United States and Britain through tax havens.

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Leaked documents reveal the secret of the king of Jordan’s luxurious possessions

in a Statement from the castle The royal family rejects allegations that it aims to destroy the king’s reputation. At the same time, they believe that there is nothing “unusual or inappropriate” in the king’s possession of property. The statement said the purchases should be kept secret for security reasons.

The Jordanian royal family denies that King Abdullah made a mistake by hiding real estate investments exceeding 900 million crowns in tax havens.

Freedom of expression is limited in the country, and on social media, users were divided in their opinions about what was revealed. While many criticize the king for massive and secret investments, many are coming out and dismissing the accusations as false.

Pandora is similar to the Arabic word for tomato, Pandora. The revelation of King Abdullah on social media is therefore referred to as the “tomato scandal”.

Many US states are tax havens

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki came out and emphasized President Joe Biden’s efforts to make the global financial system more open. It’s reports Washington Post.

– The president was clear that he wanted a fairer tax system, and would crack down on people who don’t pay their share, whether they are individuals or companies, she said.

At the same time, leaks show that many US states have become attractive places to invest their fortunes and hide business. States such as South Dakota, Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, and New Hampshire compete to provide customers and businesses with financial confidentiality and low taxes.

The Washington Post did one A review of the US states Related to Pandora leaf material. It shows that nearly 30 trusts in South Dakota can be linked to individuals or companies accused of fraud, bribery or human rights abuses.

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For years, Americans have condemned tax havens. Billionaires are now hiding their money in the middle of the United States.

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