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iOS 17.4 brings the necessary changes to comply with new EU laws – iOS

iOS 17.4 brings the necessary changes to comply with new EU laws – iOS

The long struggle between Apple and the new laws imposed by the European Union has ended, with the introduction of the new operating system update, iOS 17.4. Hey The new Digital Markets Regulation (DMA) recently came into effect, and has already put Brussels on alert to understand if Apple is trying to circumvent the rules. The debate revolves around the tech giant's decision to cut off access to some apps that avoid going through its App Store.

still So the new version brings the operating system in line with the rules, but has made significant improvements to some of its own applications such as Apple Podcasts and Apple Music. And more features for your Siri OS.

a The main new feature, from the users' point of view, is the ability to now select the Internet access browser they want to use by default. Until now, the Safari browser has been fixed by default for iPhone users. It's the same for the App Store, where users can now buy or download apps and games from other stores, without going through the Apple Store.

The payment system no longer focuses exclusively on Apple Pay, and other banking systems can be used to purchase apps and services.

Although these changes were introduced to comply with European laws and are therefore only applicable in the European Union, there is a global change when it comes to gaming apps. Platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia's Geforce Now can be used. These changes also opened the door for the return of Fortnite, as announced by Epic Games for iOS smartphones.

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Hey iOS 17.4 has new emojis available on the virtual keyboard, including 18 people and objects with the option to choose which direction they face. In the Apple Podcasts app, it's now possible to transcribe episode content that's playing in sync with the audio. It currently supports English, Spanish, French, and German. Users can use these transcripts as text, search for words, and start playing audio from there.

In other general OS fixes, Siri has new options to announce incoming messages in any supported language. The security of the equipment theft protection system has been increased. a The Battery Health option in Settings displays the battery cycle counter, date of manufacture, and first use (valid for iPhone 15 models). Caller ID displays more company details, such as the logo and department name if this information is available.

Although the changes respect European laws, they were made against Apple's wishes. As mentioned in statement By showcasing the features, the technology highlights that new options for processing payments and downloading apps on iOS open new vulnerabilities for malwarefraud and scams, as well as illegal and harmful content and other privacy and security risks. Apple says it has included new protections to mitigate these problems.