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iPad Mini: A new model is coming that will revolutionize design!

iPad Mini: A new model is coming that will revolutionize design!

If you are a fan of the world of Apple and especially iPads, you can start rubbing your hands with glee. In the fall we will have a new iPad Mini. Earlier this year, there was already talk of a new Apple tablet. At the time, it was said to have arrived without a home button and thinner bezels. Bloomberg now says the launch will happen later this year and more specifically in the fall with a revolution in design. Additionally, the Apple giant is also working on a larger iMac with an Apple Silicon chip inside.

iPad Mini: A new model is coming that will revolutionize design!

In the last bulletin of Bloomberg, Well-known journalist Mark Gorman reports that the new iPad Mini already has the green light for launch. Its arrival time, I mentioned above. However the design will be similar to the last one. iPad Air But with some changes. In fact, this is the largest redesign of this equipment in the past nine years.

The new iPad mini

Apple last updated the iPad Mini in 2019. At that time it integrated the Apple A12 Bionic processor as well as other improvements and support for the Apple Pencil. However, in May 2020, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple will release the iPad mini between 8.5 and 9 inches in the first half of 2021. It is true that this did not happen but it did not fail for long in the second half of this year.

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg journalist also noted that Apple is continuing to develop a new iMac powered by Apple Silicon chips. The goal is to replace the 27-inch model. But don’t be fooled. It will not be the same size. So it will be a little bigger. Moreover, it will be powered by M1X or M2X chipset.

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This is definitely good news for all those who have been waiting to upgrade their iMac with the M1 chipset.