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IPE Saúde offers free consultations with a urologist during the November Azul campaign |  general

IPE Saúde offers free consultations with a urologist during the November Azul campaign | general

November is raising awareness about the disease – Photo: Publicity – Government of Republika Srpska – Private – DP

November Blue is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of comprehensive care for men’s health. IPE Saúde joins the cause with a proposal to waive the co-participation of consultation with certified urologists during November for users 50 years of age or older. For those who meet the listed criteria, simply search for a doctor certified by the IPE Saúde network – the exemption is automatically guaranteed (one consultation per person is valid). About 175 thousand policy holders may directly benefit from this procedure.

The annual average of urology consultations conducted by the Side Institute from 2017 to 2019 ranged from 59 to 61 thousand. But in 2020, there was a drop of about 25% in demand, with only 45,704 consultations conducted.

The idea is to encourage the search for health care professionals regularly, throughout the year, to improve prevention related to male diseases, especially early diagnosis of prostate cancer. One of the biggest difficulties in early detection of the disease, which is different from what happens with other types of cancer, is the difficulty of men to break the paradigm and stigma, which has created a culturally misconception about the integrity of men’s health. We know that regular consultations and reviews are important to avoid more serious health problems. With the campaign, we want to encourage this sponsorship,” says IPE Saúde Director and President, Julio Cesar Fierro Ruevo.

According to data from the National Men’s Comprehensive Health Policy of the Ministry of Health, comparative studies between men and women prove the fact that men are more susceptible to diseases, especially serious and chronic diseases, and they die earlier than females. Many late-diagnosed cases can be avoided if men regularly take primary prevention measures.

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In Brazil, prostate cancer is the second most common type of prostate cancer in men (after only non-melanoma skin cancer). In absolute values ​​and considering both sexes, it is the second most common type. The incidence is higher in developed countries than in developing countries.

Early diagnosis allows for better treatment outcomes and should be sought by investigating the following signs and symptoms:
Difficulty urinating
Decreased urine flow
The need to urinate more during the day or at night
blood in urine

Most of the time, these symptoms are not due to cancer, but it is important to have a doctor check them out.

Prostate cancer is detected by a digital rectal examination and a blood test to assess the dose of PSA (prostate-specific antigen). However, neither test is 100% accurate, so additional testing may be needed.

This type of cancer is treated by urologists. IPE Saúde has 245 certified physicians in this specialty in its network.