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iPhone 14: Accident detection is tested in a series of crashes

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different aspects of iPhone 14 [Pro] They have gone put to the testsuch as strength and durability – but no one has yet dared to test accident detection (Fault detection)a new hardware feature (in addition to the second generation Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE) whose functions are explained by the same name.

a Youtube Crux (specializing in delivering the most versatile tools in extreme conditions), however, he was brave enough to check that the feature worked as expected – and for that, had to cause an accident (or rather, some), of course.

After a series of (close) accidents and the addition of multiple vehicles to form a barrier, the remote-controlled car crashed successfully — causing, a few seconds later, to automatically activate the iPhone 14 Pro’s accident detection.

As explained and promoted by Apple, the device initiates an emergency SOS countdown — which can be canceled manually before emergency services are triggered (and it was).

On the second successful attempt, the car crashed into the vehicle wall at a higher speed. Again, the feature was reliably enabled and then canceled by the team manually.

As we’ve already explained, the feature has some characteristics, including the fact that the emergency call will interfere with calls in progress on the iPhone or Apple Watch at the time of the collision – but it does not interfere, for example, with the collision detection feature of private vehicles, if any.

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