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iPhone 14 Pro hasn't been released yet but clones are already on sale

iPhone 14 Pro hasn’t been released yet but clones are already on sale

Here is another clear sign of the impact of the iPhone 14 Pro on the market: although Apple has not yet officially presented its new smartphones, there are already clones of it in the hands of some consumers.

This phenomenon occurs, again, in China, a market where it is already possible to purchase products with enormous similarities to the iPhone 14 Pro. The similarities are so many that they can deceive the less attentive consumers.

iPhone 14 Pro copies are already circulating in China

I can not say that this phenomenon surprises me, it is not the first time this has happened. The Chinese market is likely to clone very popular hardware and the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro was not immune.

In the video above, you can see in more detail what the clones of the new smartphone from Apple look like. A video that reveals all the similarities but also the obvious contradictions.

First of all, what has been copied and here we have many details such as the new clip on the screen in tablet format and the dimensions of its cameras unit. Even the Apple logo appears on the back of the device, which leads me to question the legality of this decision.

Even though these are Android devices, they are highly customizable to emulate the entire iOS experience. Even in these details, the least attentive might think that these devices do indeed arrive with Apple’s operating system.

What allows us to immediately understand that this is not the iPhone 14 Pro is the lower edge of its screen. This is much larger than what Apple uses in its devices. The viewfinder also indicates that this is not an official product.

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The reasons for the development of these clones can be multiple. On the other hand, it is a way for some companies to take advantage of the popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro even before it hits the market.

This may also be a scheme to try to deceive less concerned consumers into thinking they are buying the iPhone 14 Pro at a cheaper price. Fortunately, this is something that does not have the same ramifications in Europe.

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