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iPhone 14 Pro Max gets a luxury version with a Rolex watch on the back

iPhone 14 Pro Max gets a luxury version with a Rolex watch on the back

True luxury pieces and collector’s items are a good way to categorize the custom editions of iPhone developed by Caviar. The Russian company enhances its luxury offerings with a customized version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The new model of the Apple smartphone is part of the new Grand Complications lineup, but its main news is the inclusion of a Rolex watch on the back of the device. It’s a product designed with motorsport enthusiasts in mind, especially the NASCAR Circuit in Daytona.

iPhone 14 Pro Max with Rolex watch on the back is the new Caviar collector’s item

Caviar is already accustomed to luxury versions of high-end Apple smartphones, with gold finishes and exorbitant prices. Now we have a new model, made even bolder thanks to the presence of a Rolex watch.

It is a Rolex Code 116508 watch, with a 40mm yellow gold case and 8 diamonds included. This true luxury piece is embedded in the back of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, being an integral part of this device.

It is a practical watch that you will always have on the back of your smartphone. For caviar, this is a product for lovers of luxury watches, and also for fans of motorsports.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max chassis is built in memory of the legendary Daytona circuit and sports car of the 1930s. We have details like keys In gold on the back of the smartphone, it reminds us of the dashboard of sports cars of that era.

Regarding the build quality of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, its body is made of multi-layer titanium. Moreover, it is fitted with a black PVD coating.

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Internally, we have the same hardware specifications that Apple revealed on September 7. In other words, this is a product that captivates for its build quality, being classified as a collector’s piece.

We also have a presentation of the Skeleton Booster variant with a finish for those who want to embrace the mechanical field of motorsports. With an unmistakably unique look, this is a version that is definitely not designed for those who appreciate wireless charging on their smartphone.

As you can imagine, it will not be easy to get a copy of this device. First, because they are limited editions, with only a few units built and this helps raise their price even more.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max with Rolex watch is available as a 1TB storage version for $135,240. The iPhone 14 Pro Skeleton Booster can be purchased for $9,900.

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