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iPhone 14 should reach without any notch

with the future iPhone 14 , a An apple You should finally be able to hide all the TrueDepth sensors needed for Face ID to work. New information from several sources now shows that Apple will finally adopt a punch-hole display, after years of actually using that screen in Android smartphones.

As rumors about the upcoming iPhone multiply, LG is developing a new “hole” screen technology. With LG ditching the mobile division earlier this year, the technology is undoubtedly targeting other manufacturers, and among LG’s major partners is Apple. LG is also making some screens for the iPhone 13, and the South Korean company has long been trying to convince Apple to fully trust its screens, and ditch Samsung.

At the moment, nothing indicates that the Cupertino giant has left Samsung in the background, however, it is known that Apple is seeking to reduce its dependence on Samsung, increasing partnerships with other specialized companies, including LG and BOE.

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iPhone 14 completely abandons the slot?

At the same time, LG is also developing displays capable of hiding the selfie camera. These paintings, similar to those in Galaxy Z Fold 3Hide the front camera under a low resolution area of ​​200 pixels per inch (PPI).

For now, we can only wait, because if all goes as expected, the iPhone 14 should see the light of day for about a year.