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Apple iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C will be considered obsolete in November

Apple is preparing to make some changes to its iPhone lines soon, and it looks like the company will now be focusing on a new model: the iPhone 5C.

according to Latest rumorsan internal Apple memo indicates that the company is preparing to put the iPhone 5C as an older device as early as next month.

It should be remembered that the iPhone 5C has been considered by the company as an obsolete product since October 2020, which indicates that it can still receive some support for official repairs from the company and its official partners, subject to the availability of parts. for the same thing.

However, going into the vintage category, you stop receiving any official support from the company, nor do you receive new parts or arrangements directly from the brand. The document states that the procedure will be implemented on November 1, and the iPad Mini with Wi-fi and LTE is also joining the list.

Recall that the iPhone 5C was launched in September 2013, at that time with great fame for being one of the most colorful equipment of the brand, in vibrant and uncommon colors for it. This was the time when the company tried to open its ideology a bit to different products than those launched traditionally.

It also has a somewhat “plastic” design, but that makes up for the lower price tag than the advanced model of the line. At the time, the same could be found for $99 with a two-year contract at US carriers.

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