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iPhone caught fire while family was sleeping in the US

The smartphone industry is developing battery and charging systems that, in addition to making them larger, are safer. However, older devices do not bring these features, and they become more vulnerable. This is what happened to an iPhone 4 owned by a family in Green City, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Brian Lesgang left the phone An apple that your kids use to charge overnight on the kitchen counter. Around 1 am (local time), the device started to catch fire. The small explosion was captured by a motion detection camera in the family’s living room. The case took place last Monday (9). Watch the video:

Fortunately, the fire did not spread and did not cause any significant damage. The couple and their five young children didn’t notice anything overnight. Only when they woke up did they see the problem in the kitchen.

There were small pieces of the phone and black grime on the table.Leisgang said in an interview with WCPO. TWe were very lucky to avoid a house firehe commented.Fortunately, we had just cleared off the counter.

He explained that the workbench is usually full of textbooks, homework and other papers, which can easily catch fire. Furthermore, he believes the fire may have been put out within a few minutes because his smoke detector failed to go off.

When questioned, he said that he bought a new device a few months ago, so he gave the iPhone 4 to his children. In addition, he said he never changes the battery and always uses the original charger.

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It continues after the announcement

Even common cases

What happened to the Leisgang family is not an isolated incident with smartphones. The European Union conducted an investigation in 2009 after “Several cases of iPhones and iPod Touches exploding or catching fire in flight have been reported in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Sweden.”, according to ABC News. In 2012, technology website CNET reported that a Colorado woman woke up with “iPhone too hot 4Next to your hotel bed.

Many smartphones, including the iPhone 4, are built with a lithium-ion battery. According to technology publication PC Mag, if something goes wrong with the battery’s internal components, it can break, heat up, and create a dangerous reaction that could cause a fire.

Source: WCPO