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Iran increases uranium enrichment:

Iran increases uranium enrichment:

“I wanted to empty our hands during the talks, but our hands are full,” Hassan Rouhani said, referring to Israel.

And so Sunday connects sabotasjeaksjon i Natanz For the nuclear talks in Vienna and the necessity of negotiating papers. Israel, which opposes the nuclear deal, has not commented on the attack.

Nuclear terrorism

Fertilization at 60 percent is a reaction to your trauma. We will cut both hands, one with IR-6 centrifuges and the other 60 percent, Rouhani said at a government meeting on Wednesday.

What it did was nuclear terrorism, he added in the televised address.

IR-6 centrifuges enrich uranium faster than previous generations of centrifuges. Iran and the major powers began their first talks last week with the aim of reviving the nuclear deal after the change of president in the United States.

Three times clean

to me New York times According to American and Israeli intelligence sources, Israel was behind the sabotage in Natanz, which was said to have shut down the power supply at the station.

Iran has previously enriched uranium up to 20 percent for use in the Bushehr nuclear power plant. Usually uranium used in nuclear weapons has a degree of enrichment of at least 85-90%.

When Iran announced it was increasing its enrichment, Iranian officials said the operation would begin on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning, the Iranian envoy to the International Energy Agency tweeted that he “expects the product to accumulate” from the centrifuges in Natanz next week.

The nuclear talks are due to continue in Vienna, where the United States is currently participating indirectly, on Thursday.

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