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Is Christina Comveda in bad shape? “TVI has a big problem”

Cristina Ferrera launched her life show “Cristina ComVida” on March 29th. Almost a month later, TVI’s late afternoon show continued to fail among the audience.

Almost a month after the premiere of “Cristina ComVida”, Carlos Rodrigues analyzed Cristina Ferreira’s show in this week’s release of TV Guia.

TVI has a big problem at 7 pm. Let us remember, for the sake of the viewer, who we serve and whom we are trying to decipher the major TV movements: it is an essential path for prime-time capture, because at this time a large crowd of Portuguese return home and choose the channel that will remain connected in the room, at least until eight in the morning, Often until the end of the evening, “he begins writing Carlos Rodriguez.

“Because there are no illusions, this is the way the general television audience acts. Powerful product at 7 pm halfway to Project Quiet – The RTP1 is there to prove it, which practically only had good results at the time, with O Preço Certo, by Fernando Mendes, but that, being so little, is enough to give energy and keep your head above water (without O Preço for sure and the daily rate would drop For RTP1 at an additional 10%).“, He adds.

Read the full text Here.

To indicate that Cristina ComVida has achieved scant results in recent days at its hearings.

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