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Is Dimensity 900 worth it for gaming?  soft wheel

Is Dimensity 900 worth it for gaming? soft wheel

Last year we had a glossy presence of a smartphone that, in addition to being very nice, was relatively fast, Nord CE. Following that same pace, a little less than a year later, we brought to Roda Liso the successor to this line from OnePlus, Nord CE 2. Will this line continue to thrive after this second release?

data sheet

Nord CE 2 was launched in February of this year with MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor, Mali-G68 GPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage. As for the screens, the device has a FullHD AMOLED screen, a 6.43-inch physical size and a 90Hz refresh rate, and finally its battery capacity is 4500 mAh.

>> See full data sheet for Nord CE 2

Nord CE 2 is not sold in Brazil yet, So you can only find it on import sites, such as Aliexpress, and there It costs $1,600.00.

For games, we have a total of 6 names: Asphalt 9, Call Of Duty Mobile, Free Fire MAX, Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, Life After.


As a competitor to Nord CE 2, we’ll have it in the ring Galaxy M62from Samsung, a slightly older smartphone, but that gives a lot to talk about in its specifications.

Finally, here’s the classic disclaimer: Nord CE 2 is a mid-range device, so all the games we play here are of medium or standard quality.

asphalt 9

Our list begins with Asphalt 9. I will tell you right away that at the beginning of the game there was a lot of stuttering, but in general the performance was good, the game remained stable and without a lot of fluctuations. nord record m 30 frames on average, with 98% stability and 9:00 hour autonomy.

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As for the M62, it got an average of 37 fps, but with only 74% stability and 6:30 hours of autonomy.

⚠️Wheel Seal ⚠️ for both devices.

Mobile CODE

Call of Duty Mobile or CODzera for those closest to you. The game went well and we didn’t experience any noticeable issues while playing it. Nord CE got the same 40 fps, with 100% stability. What impressed again was the ridiculous autonomy: 08:05 hours of battery lifeIs this smartphone the same as the Realme GT Master, which shapes the results?

And of course, let’s not forget the M62, which took an average of 50 frames, with 100% stability and 9:05 autonomy.

⚠️Wheel Seal ⚠️ for NordCE 2.

Free Fire Max

Let’s go to the usual Friva, shall we? Nothing special here either, Nord CE took the hit and 59 frames were captured with 100% stability, with a battery life of 8:10 hours.

The M62 also outperformed Free Fire, hitting 60 fps, with 100% stabilization. As for autonomy, it is tied to the competitor, which also gives us 8:10h of the plug.

✔️ Seal soft wheel✔️ For both smartphones.

Jinshin effect

Once again, the cell killer performs the game test. The gameplay was not too bad, the game settled at a reasonable FPS at times, the problem is that the rest of the time, the performance was below acceptable level. Overall, Nord CE captured an average of 26 frames, with 96% stability and a 6:55 hour range.

The M62 got roughly the same result, with 26 fps and 95% stability, but with a 4:55 hour battery life.

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The seal does not rotate For both cell phones.

pubg mobile

PUBG is as always defined as “totally satisfying” as here performance always comes first. if you call, Nord CE scored an average of 40 frames, with 100% stability and a battery life of 8:20 hours.

The M62 got almost the same result again, clocking an average of 39 frames, with 99% stability and a 9:30 hour time.

⚠️Wheel Seal ⚠️ for the test.

life after

Life After always appears here to close our list. Nord CE gave us a nice surprise with the performance in this game, Since it hit 58fps on average, with 88% stability and 7:25hr autonomy.

The Galaxy M62 has unfortunately not been tested in this game, so we won’t have a competition in this roundup.

✔️ Seal smooth wheel✔️ As for Nord CE 2, I’d say it’s impressive.


As usual, we set the room temperature to 24 ° C. After some COD Mobile games, Nord C2 raised its temperature by 10 degrees Celsius. For comparison purposes, the M62 varied by 9°C in its temperature 🔥🔥.

to rule

It’s time to break down the Nord CE 2 results. Let’s get to the facts: It had a regular score in the games we tested, with Life After recalling which worked very well. The problem here is not the gameplay, but the suspected battery life that this device brings. Honestly, 9:00 hours during the game is more than 4500mAh, don’t you think? Well, we’ll do a detailed test on it to make sure how well this boy can handle it, but until then, the warning will stand.

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For the rest, OnePlus Nord CE 2 receives a file ⚠️Wheel seal ⚠️ With graphics on average.