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Is EAD computer science worth it?  How is the college?

Is EAD computer science worth it? How is the college?

The field of information technology has gained more and more space all over the world and there is a shortage of qualified professionals for job vacancies. This makes the pay and benefits offered very competitive and attractive. For this reason, Gran Faculdade has launched another course for those who want to enter this market: the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from EAD.

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What is computer science

Computer science, as its name suggests, is the field of knowledge dedicated to the study of computers, systems, networks and everything related to this technological universe, mainly.

A computer science course is one of the options for those who want to start their career in the field of information technology. Especially for those who still do not know what emphasis they should give to their training, because it is a basic training, which addresses several other areas.

This training contains many job possibilities, from developing and applying technologies and innovations in software and hardware, to improving operational routines and the quality of a service or product.

How is the Faculty of Computer Science?

In summary, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science develops the necessary skills and knowledge for areas such as software development, cyber security, and artificial intelligence, among others.

In this way, since it is a bachelor’s degree, it serves to enhance general education with a more coherent base on several fronts.
It lasted four years in college Learn computer science remotely do Gran is ideal for someone who wants to work in the public or private sphere.

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Check out some of the materials in the syllabus:

  • computer engineering and operating systems;
  • programming practices.
  • Software Engineering;
  • Database;
  • project management and resilience methodologies;
  • computers, formal languages, and programming;
  • Linux programming and shell.
  • Algorithms and data structure.
  • network and information security;
  • background development
  • Mathematics and Physics for Computing;
  • robotics;
  • IT Governance;
  • Front end development
  • UX/UI design;
  • cloud computing, containers, and development operations;
  • Mobile programming.
  • encryption and digital certificate;
  • software quality and testing;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
  • data mining and data warehousing; Among other things!

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What are the differences of the Faculty of Computer Science in Gran?

At Gran Faculdade you can choose, throughout your Computer Science graduation, between a concentration in Business Intelligence or Full Stack Developer, to leave more market-ready. Learn more about each of them:

business intelligenceFor those who wish to work in the process of collecting, organizing, mining, analyzing, visualizing, sharing, monitoring and managing data and providing the necessary support and information for business management.

Full stack developerComplete training of various activities related to front-end and back-end development. This professional is highly regarded in the market, with knowledge of different languages ​​and technologies.

In addition, here you get an Intermediate Certificate each semester to enrich your curriculum and actually enter the job market throughout the course.

There are eight in total which are divided into the following areas:

  1. Hands on Professional / Front End Developer;
  2. data manager/project manager;
  3. Network Administrator/Information Security Manager;
  4. Backend Developer / IT Manager;
  5. Full Stack Developer / Business Intelligence Analyst;
  6. Software Engineer / Mobile Developer;
  7. QA Analyst / Ethical Hacker;
  8. Data Warehouse Analyst / Data Mining Analyst.
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College of Computer Science: Is it worth it?

If you love technology, computing, and other related subjects, the Faculty of Computer Science is worth it.

After all, you have a good theoretical and practical foundation for working in various fields of information technology, with good salaries and career opportunities.

How much does a computer science major earn?

The average starting salary for a computer scientist is around R$4,000, however, depending on the country region, company, and position, it is possible to find salaries as high as R$15,000.

In addition, it should be noted that the field of technology is booming and the job market has shown an increasing interest in qualified professionals.

Enjoy the benefits of Gran Faculdade!

At Gran, you don’t have to wait until the start of the semester to start realizing your higher education dream. Benefit from instant entry, you can register and after completion and approval in the newsroom, you can start your course!

Come to study Learn computer science remotely In Gran Faculdade and enjoy benefits such as:

  • A 100% digital course that makes it possible to reconcile daily routines with studies;
  • Simple and intuitive platform, so you can study wherever you are and on any device;
  • Renowned teaching professors who prepare students for professional practice;
  • A monthly fee that fits in your pocket to make your dreams come true;
  • Accessibility and inclusion tools, after all, are here, everyone can!

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