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Is it better to shower during the day or at night?  See what science says

Is it better to shower during the day or at night? See what science says

Bathing in the morning helps the body understand that it is time to wake up and face the routine. Taking a shower at night has the opposite effect: it relaxes you and increases your sleep.

May 22
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a Sleep Foundation It has already shown that 42% of people prefer to start their day with a shower. Meanwhile, 25% prefer to shower right before bed. But is it better to shower during the day or at night? Let's see what the science says.

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Bathing in the morning helps “wake up” the body, and we also rely on some tips to regulate its activity Circadian rhythm (The famous biological clock). Regular showering can serve as a signal that it is time to wake up and become more alert.

People who bathe at night argue that this practice tends to relax the body before sleep.

But do you want a spoiler? The truth is that showering during the day has some advantages, but showering at night has completely different benefits. It depends a lot on your routine and preferences. Either way, both practices provide benefits!

Shower during the day

Bathing during the day is recommended mainly because people tend to sweat during the night. So, when you wake up in the morning, your body carries a lot of sweat and bacteria from the sheets.

One of the tips that experts give to those who like to shower in the morning is to choose a cold shower, as… Cold water helps reduce stress levelsBy releasing neurotransmitters.

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According to an article by Knee surgery, sports trauma treatment, arthroscopy, Cold water reaches cold receptors in the skin and sends electrical impulses to the brain, reducing pain. Another effect is to make the blood vessels narrower.

If you need to wash your hair and can't dry it about an hour before bed, it's best to shower in the morning.

It is best to shower during the day or at night (Photo: bruce mars/Unsplash)

It is best to shower during the day or at night (Photo: bruce mars/Unsplash)

Photo: ChannelTech

Not because sleeping with wet hair means you'll catch a cold (that's a myth), but because it can cause dandruff and can increase your risk of fungal infections.

However, a daily morning bath is associated with improved quality of life and energy levels.

Shower at night

But if you prefer to shower at night, don't worry: it's good for you too, because it removes oils, pollutants and dirt that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day.

Showering in the evening can also be beneficial for sleep, as it acts as a circadian clock to signal our bodies to start relaxing.

As bedtime approaches, the body naturally cools down. So bathing increases this process, causing cooling, and thus speeding up sleep.

in other words: A hot bath is a strategy to make sleep come faster. Setting up a bedtime routine (brushing your teeth, showering, doing a specific activity, such as reading a book) can “teach” your body to slow down at that time.

So science says that showering during the day can be beneficial to wake up the body, and showering at night can be beneficial to make the body relax.

source: Elsevier, University of Utah Health, Sleep Foundation

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