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Is it cheaper to cook with a food processor or induction hob?

Is it cheaper to cook with a food processor or induction hob?

With increasing concerns about daily expenses, the kitchen has become the place where many families seek to optimize resources. Two commonly used appliances are the food processor and the induction stove. They both offer unique benefits, but the key question is: Which is more economical in the long run?

To answer the question, SelectraHe, who specializes in comparing energy tariffs, analyzed the cost of using both appliances at 1:30 a day, for an average month of 30 days, taking into account an average power of 1.5 kilowatts for a kitchen robot and 1.35 kilowatts for an induction oven.

The results of the analysis showed that It has been proven that using an induction hob is about 10% cheaper than using a food processorUsing a simple definition. At a two-hour rate, the savings is also about 10%. In monetary valuesThe annual saving is approximately 12 euros at the single rate and 11 euros at the two-hour rate.

Although both devices have almost the same value, it is a fact Using an induction stove is more friendly to the consumer’s wallet“, explains Selectra. However, he adds, “It is worth noting that the fixed value of the energy term for each consumption scenario should be added to the total value of the monthly bill, despite the different cooking methods that each user may follow, which will affect the final value.” .

These findings “highlight the importance of adopting a conscious approach to the use of home appliances.” Understanding the energy consumption of the devices we use daily is the first step toward making more informed and effective decisions when it comes to energy management.

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