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"Is it still possible to reconcile with Diogo Marcelino?"

“Is it still possible to reconcile with Diogo Marcelino?”

On the night of Tuesday, May 24, Sofia Souza gave her followers the freedom to ask their questions on social media. At one point, the former “Casa dos Segredos” competitor faces a question about her ex-boyfriend, Diogo Marcelino.

Through the stories of her personal account on Instagram, Sofia Souza was answering some questions from netizens and there was a special question. The former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos” and her ex-boyfriend, Diogo Marcelino, being single, a follower wanted to know: Will it still be possible to reconcile with Diogo Marcelino?can be read.

Sofia Souza had no problem answering and highlighted the affection she feels for her ex-boyfriend: “Ahahah, I love my eternal SODI [junção dos nomes Sofia e Diogo]. There will always be great affection, not only for him but for his entire family…for our date, which has been such a beautiful and an important part of our lives. We have learned and grown up a lot, but obviously after all these years, everyone has their own life, and none of us think about it. we are just friends”can be read.

It is reported that Sofia Souza and Diogo Marcelino met during their stay in “Casa dos Segredos”, and already out of the game, the couple had a relationship for a few years.

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