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Is it the third time?  Elon Musk is trying to launch his “superrocket” spacecraft again

Is it the third time? Elon Musk is trying to launch his “superrocket” spacecraft again


SpaceX's Starship on the launch pad

No two without three… and hopefully the third is forever. After two failed attempts, SpaceX, owned by North American Elon Musk, will launch again “the most powerful rocket ever” on Wednesday.

This Wednesday, when it's 12 noon in Lisbon Elon Musk SpaceX We will (try) again to launch the “super missile” StarshipThis was after two failed attempts.

Musk has a dream Taking astronauts to the moon and MarsVia Starship – “the most powerful rocket ever,” he calls it.

But the “strong” missile failed its tests: in the first test, in April of last year It exploded a few minutes after takeoff; On the second attempt, in November, the same thing happened again.

In the recent launch, the North American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required it 63 reforms To SpaceX, in terms of the first one – but still, there were things that went wrong.

After all, the second edition was a bit longer, even surpassing the second edition Karman line – which represents the beginning of space. However, The self-destruct protection system was later activatedThe ship stopped sending data.

The company knows that this third attempt may fail again, however From mistakes, SpaceX learns and grows.

The main goal of the airline is Testing mechanisms Which ensures safety and reliability in future long-range missions with humans.

SpaceX announced that it will be broadcast live on its own page Channels Online, from 11:30 am in LisbonAt 07:30 local time, at SpaceX's Starbase in Texas, USA.

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a Noise and environmental pollution This is again a concern for the neighborhood, which has seen and heard the “impact” of explosions from previous launches.