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Is the tug of the dams questionable?

Is the tug of the dams questionable?

On Monday, the Improglio Conference League could also affect the play-offs, which affected the balance for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Trouble: A controversy during the draw after an unplayable match between Tottenham and State Rennes …

UEFA has not yet fully backed down from the controversy. After Atletico de Madrid missed the draw at great width in the Champions League with the forgotten ball of the name Manchester United during the draw, it was the play-off of the Europa League – this is going to watch. (Usually) OM face Karabakh – one who is in sight.

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When Group G Improclio falls on UEFA

In issue: Unresolved situation in Group G. The four teams that make up the team – Rennes, Tottenham, Witche Arnhem, Mura – have not had the chance to meet face-to-face twice. Last week, Spurs were unable to recruit Bruno Genicio’s men because there were several Govt cases against their staff. Thus, the match was initially postponed. Before being completely canceled.

While waiting for a clear decision on the outcome of the tournament, Vitesse Arnhem are second on the team behind the already qualified Rennes. A situation that complicates the pulling of these dams.

Because the Dutch and England clubs are placed on the same ball. However, as Tottenham are a Premier League club he could not logically face another barrage of Leicester. So the ball was removed from the bowl … regardless of whether Vitesse Arnhem could technically face Leicester. In the end, the Foxes got the Danes from the Randers, while Tottenham or Wittsey will face the Vienna Rabbit. But if one of the drawn teams regrets, we can qualify for the second round …

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