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"Is there another kind of postpartum?"

“Is there another kind of postpartum?”

MAriana Cabral, better known as Bumba na Fofinha, in the past few hours on her official Instagram account shared a blast as she talked about the difficulties she faced in the first days after giving birth.

“This is the picture I sent to my friends on the second day of Clara’s life, utterly devastated by exhaustion, titties on roast beef, snow on pee, mesh underwear, contractions of weddies arriving late to the party, and existential terror needing to send Pareto across Under construction (previously an activity I enjoy a lot, you know) – and to finish this festive scenario, a hungry little piranha is choking the air and I am unable to breastfeed. In agony, I count the minutes left until I spent Khan Gomez killing my sore nipples” , This is how the comment reads on the photo in which a tear falls on her face.

Bomba na Fovinia wrote her novel with the intention of thanking the “team of nurses” who took care of her after giving birth.

“If there are good and bad professionals everywhere, I’ve been in luck. They’ve spent hours hunched over my headboard fiddling with this bhanga, tossing disinterested clarinet nipples with an all-inclusive buffet. You can eat, often with Crying out of frustration or giving in from exhaustion, I heard crying like I’m failing as a mother by giving formula milk (I know, we always think we’re not like that until we touch each other.) They gave me breast jiu-jitsu while showering while the milk was flowing, they took turns as sick teachers In the face of my complete inexperience, the babysitters so I could sleep for 20 minutes, the psychologists in the face of my hormonal frustration that giving a bottle is all or nothing and they were the closest to my sisters/mothers/friends during those fateful dawns when it’s dark, the lights on, And the soul, and everything. There were many professions in one, and only now I really understand why it should be a job that pays off so much,” Sh.

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In response to this post, Ana Garcia Martins said, “The sweetest popcorn‘, he made a comment that actually appears to be stinging directed at Catarina Gouveia.

What do you mean, we don’t have a picture of curly hair, gently tufted under a satin pillow, a Maldivian bronzed leg and a baby who just arrived at the behest of Net a Porter???? After all, is there another kind of postpartum??? Isn’t that cool or Instagram catchy? boo you”, stated the digital influencer, who in this way appears to be joining the wave of criticism that Catarina has been subjected to for choosing an image in which she appears beautiful and calm to announce the birth of her first child.

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