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Is Xbox One Price Paying For 2021? 6 things to know before buying | Video game

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a Xbox One It is the eighth generation console of Microsoft It was launched in November 2013. After some time in the market, the video game still gets reviews for devices with Xbox One SMore compact and more modern in appearance. Release Xbox One X It arrived with a promise to be the most powerful console of the generation.

Currently, the Xbox One S model is being introduced For about 2100 BRL Is in online retail in Brazil, while it was launched recently Xbox S e Xbox Xbox X. Seen before Prices start at R $ 3,750. Many consumers are wondering if the Xbox One is still worth it in 2021 even after the launch of the new generation of consoles. Thinking about it, then Tech ToDo Chapter six questions and answers about the Microsoft video game.

Xbox One X has arrived with the promise of being the most powerful console of the old generation – Photo: Anna Kellen Bull / Tech

What are the differences from Xbox One to Xbox Series?

They are basically from different generations. While the Xbox One consoles are the eighth generation of consoles, launched in 2013, the Xbox Series S / X is the next generation, launched in late 2020. This difference makes the hardware structures of the consoles different. Completely, which gives newer models an edge.

While Xbox One S offers an overall performance of around 1.32 TFLOPS (teraflops), the new Xbox Series X achieves floating point (GPU) performance of up to 12 TFLOPS. This difference is mainly due to the new hardware architecture developed by him AMD For new consoles.

Xbox Series X launched in late 2020 – Photo: Murilo Molina / TechTudo

Are the Games Currently Released Working on Xbox One?

The present moment is generational transmission, which means that the major titles released are still cross-platform, i.e. released for Xbox One and Xbox Series. Cross-platform addresses such as Resident Evil Village It will still be released for the consoles of the past generation, but the trend is that in a short time Xbox One releases will become more rare.

The last exclusive title that could be an exception is Average, Which despite being a game developed for Microsoft’s consoles, was released exclusively for Xbox Series S and X because it requires more processing to reproduce interlocking in-game worlds.

In The Medium, the events often take place in two realities – Picture: Disclosure / Xbox Games Studios

How is the online catalog of games for the console?

One of the distinguishing factors for Microsoft consoles is Xbox Live, What is the Rename to Xbox Network. The company’s online network offers great support and many features, in addition to sales of games and online services such as Xbox Game Pass, Which works as “Netflix Of the games. ”The subscription service, which starts at R $ 29.99, gives players access to more than 150 downloadable games, including exclusive titles like the games in the series HelloAnd the Gears e EnergyIn addition to established games such as GTA 5And the Resident Evil 7 And others.

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Additionally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers receive monthly games from Live Gold, PC Game Pass, and access to the company’s game library Play EA, With addresses like battlefieldAnd the The need for speedAnd the UFCAnd the FIFA And many other things.

Xbox Game Pass and EA Access are MIcrosoft console assets – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

What are the major games available on physical media?

Even with a service that offers online games at a reasonable price, some titles that can no longer be accessed through Xbox Game Pass can be purchased on physical media at very attractive prices. Another feature is that users can borrow and borrow tablets from friends, for example.

Version Cyberpunk 2077 Maybe Obtained for 69 BRL, While the Gears 5 exclusive too Viewed for 69 BRL. In addition, backward compatibility of the console with previous generations is like Xbox 360 Makes it possible to use games on physical media from the previous video game on newer consoles.

What are the control functions?

The Xbox One controller is comfortable and versatile, because in addition to being used on the console, Microsoft’s joystick is fully compatible with Computers With Windows 10 operating system. The weak point is the condition that the batteries work. The joystick is seen at the price started Starting at 460 BRL.

Project xCloud intends to bring Xbox games to PCs and mobile devices – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

You can also find a joystick with customizations, as is the case with the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition, which features four multifunction buttons. It can be manageable Obtained for 1,235 BRL.

How are the accessories supplied?

Xbox One accessories are compatible with PC and Xbox series, which means there is a good supply of hardware. Additionally, the new Xbox Series consoles are also compatible with Xbox One, and you can even purchase a controller for the new consoles at a lower price than the old model.

Consumers can also find options for headphones and chargers from well-known brands. The LogitechFor example, the G920 offers the steering wheel to Prices start at 1786 BRL. It’s also possible to find generic chargers or batteries at an affordable price.

Logitech G920 is an Xbox-transformed steering wheel – Photo: Playback / Logitech

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