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Is your dream to be “President of the Year”?  You have until today to submit – Executive Summary

Is your dream to be “President of the Year”? You have until today to submit – Executive Summary

Registration for the 35th session of the competition ends today Head of the yearwhich annually challenges professional chefs to showcase their culinary work to their peers.

The competition recognizes and recognizes the talent of kitchen professionals, and targets all kitchen professionals residing in Portugal, over the age of 25 or with more than five years of proven professional experience.

The technical papers submitted by competitors must include a menu of 4 courses: a fish or seafood appetizer, a vegetarian dish, a meat dish and a dessert. A meat dish should contain two parts of meat: red meat at its correct cooking point and meat that should be cooked in a pan. Dessert must contain alcobaca apples. In all menu dishes, the use of lemon is mandatory.

Over the 35 years of their existence, they have already won the title of Chef of the Year, with names such as Vitor Matos (Antiqvvm, one Michelin star), Antonio Loureiro (A Cozinha, one Michelin star), Henrique Sa Pessoa (Alma, two Michelin stars), João Rodrigues ( Canalha and Projecto Matéria), Luís Gaspar (Sala de Corte, Brilhante and Pica-Pau), Ana Magalhäes and, most recently, Jefferson Dias (Palmares Ocean & Living Resort).

The first stage of the competition takes place in April, and the second in May.

The judging panel will be chaired by Chef Antonio Boya, Chef de Cuisine at JNcQUOI, in Lisbon.

In addition to the title of Chef of the Year, the Helmut Zippel Innovation Award will be awarded, honoring the chef of the same name, among others to be named.