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Isabel dos Santos without "immediate plans" to sell shares in Nos and Galp - O Jornal Económico

Isabel dos Santos without “immediate plans” to sell shares in Nos and Galp – O Jornal Económico

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos, who a year ago was the richest woman in Angola, has revealed that she has no “immediate plans” to sell the shares she owns in Galp and Nos, Portugal.

The daughter of the former Angolan president, in an interview with “Bloomberg”, explained that the investments were made nearly ten years ago, and there is no reason for the immediate disposal of the shares.

“These investments took place nearly ten years ago,” says Isabel dos Santos Publishing. Markets are now a bit choppy. To liquidate these assets, you have to be on time, “he explained.

“I don’t feel the market has matured now,” defended the Dubai businesswoman, after an investigation in Portugal and Angola targeted the assets of Isabel dos Santos while her father was still ruling.

Currently, Isabel dos Santos owns 6% in Galp via Exem, a company linked to her husband, who passed away in October 2020, with estimated assets of € 500 million. Exem also controls 40% of Esperanza Holding, while Sonangol owns 60%. In turn, Esperanza owns 45% in Amorim Energia, and is the largest shareholder in Galp with 33.34% of the share capital.

Participation in Nos is through Zopt, and the businesswoman owns 26,075% of the Portuguese operator. However, these assets are currently under arrest by court order.

It should be noted that Isabel dos Santos still owns 71.73% of spoilage, but the Portuguese state decided to temporarily nationalize this participation by the Angolan businesswoman. The daughter of the former Angolan president acquired the stake in Efacec through Winterfell in 2015.

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