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Isabel Figuera and the dictatorship of beauty: “I was pressured to have breasts”

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Isabel Figuera He was the last guest N’A Caravana Podcastin Rita Ferro AlvimHe spoke on various topics. In addition to diagnosing the tumor, the presenter also presented her opinion on the social pressures that women suffer from.

“I lived under a very harsh beauty dictatorship (…) I am very much in favor of seeing people, as much as possible, as natural as possible, even though I take care of my beauty. Nowadays, I think there is a lot of exaggeration around this, especially Between girls. If I had a daughter who said to me when I was 17, “Mom, I want to breastfeed,” I would say, “No way.”“, He said.

Leave a warning: You are buying debt for the rest of your life. Breast implants need to be replaced because they can fall apart after two years, and after 10 years they may not be in good condition.And he warned.

Isabel Figuera about her youngest son: “He didn’t know I had a tumor”

Everything around me pressured me to position my chest. I had just given birth to a son, Rodrigo, and my chest was a bit saggy, and the community around me forced it, encouraged it. I ended up going because of social pressure. She was modeling and then her chest was low and then she was in a magazine where her chest was low. “I was under a lot of pressure.”he added.

A few years ago, Isabelle decided to have a breast reduction procedure. “I downsized because I didn’t like it. After a few years, I had another baby, and then I had to downsize. Now, for the rest of my life, I have to see what I have, and maybe In about four or five years, I’m going to have to change“I don’t like having to go back to the operating room.”It is to explain.

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