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Isabel Rome, a magistrate appointed for equality between women and men

Isabel Rome, a magistrate appointed for equality between women and men

Isabel Rome, High Commissioner for Gender Equality in the Ministry of Justice, has been appointed Representative to the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men.

Isabel Rome, 59, has been appointed minister to represent the prime minister, who is responsible for equality, diversity and equal opportunities between women and men. Position occupied by Elizabeth Moreno since July 2020. Isabel Rome has been the Senior Officer for Gender Equality in the Ministry of Justice since June 2018.

Before that, she was a magistrate. In particular, he served in Lyon from 1987 to 1998 as a sentencing judge, general secretary to the president, and later as a trial judge. At the age of 23, he became the youngest magistrate of France. He later joined the city’s Interim Committee as head of the Crime Prevention Office, returning to the jurisdiction of the Amiens, Pontois, Versailles, Nanderre and Chartres in particular.

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As a senior official for gender equality in the Ministry of Justice, her mission has been to improve women’s access to senior positions, to ensure a better balance between personal and professional life, to fight against stereotypes and to reintroduce diversity in the legal profession. Isabel Rome was commissioned by Nicole Bellow to coordinate the program against domestic violence. At the end of 2019 he led the working group of the Ministry of Justice within the framework of the Grenell dedicated to this matter. She has led many associations for women’s rights. As an author, he has authored several books on the subject.

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