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Isabel Schoolman as the mother

Isabel Schoolman as the mother

DrA good, safe age where all the children live at home. And extreme sadness when they grow up and prepare to leave the nest. Among the topics talked about were Solveig Klopin (52 years old) and Isabelle Scholemann Odegaard (49 years old) when the latter was a guest on… Solveig's podcast “Raising my child” Right before Christmas.

On the podcast, Clopin talks with a new guest each episode, about how they are raising themselves and how they are raising their children. That's when the actor gets the question: …and when your eldest child came out…?

They own the luxury home in “Master of Heroes.”

-It was absolutely wonderful. It was pain. Crying and wailing. I've been very sad for two weeks, Isabel answered quickly.

The actress was 23 years old when she gave birth to her daughter Bianca Odegaard Castro (24), whom she had from a previous relationship. She later gave birth to sons Frederik and Gustav from her husband, Christian Schöllmann (53 years old).

The era is over

So, that's when her oldest daughter, Bianca, moved out a few years ago, which they brought up on the podcast. First, I moved right before the pandemic, which didn't last long when the world “shut down”:

She was 20 years old at the time, and she went out and traveled and only had a suitcase with her. I remember reassuring myself that she had to come home after all because she had so much stuff here. “Yes, yes, now you will go out and experience the world,” I thought – which I liked. I did it myself, she smiles.

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But the second time, on the other hand, it actually happened.

Bedridden after a village party

Bedridden after a village party

– Then she got an apartment, a bed, a chest of drawers… and then she disappeared.

It could have been worse

The 49-year-old says on the podcast that her daughter tried to calm her down by saying she only needed a few public transit stops.

– Of course, it could have been worse if she had moved to London and we had to travel to visit her. But that was mostly the bygone era. I'm sentimental about eras that have ended. Fortunately, I see her often. Isabelle is candid in the podcast, where she also talks about her love for children, and that since she was little she knew that she wanted to be a young mother and have a big family.