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Isabel Silva replies and talks about leaving TVI

Isabel Silva replies and talks about leaving TVI

Isabel Silva gave an interview to “Nova Gente” magazine, where she spoke, among other things, about her departure from TVI and her relationship with Christina Ferreira. Remember, the presenter left Queluz de Baixo about a year ago, after 10 years of learning and growing in the field of communication.

Isabel Silva denied having a “bad feeling” between her and Cristina Ferreira and admitted that, on the contrary, she was very grateful to TVI for everything she had given her over the decade she linked to the channel:

“I’ve never been hurt and I’ve never been hurt. I didn’t say I was. I left TVI only because of my deep desire to continue working in television. I left TVI because of my participation in the post I did it a year ago, on my social network. I have a great passion for TVI, growing up as a broadcaster and as a woman. It’s a channel that will always tell me a lot. But life consists of cycles. And I closed a cycle, but TVI is in no way offended, on the contrary, it is a channel for which I have a lot of affection. And I have a good relationship with Christina.”

Isabel Silva also ran into if she was “called to go to the SIC” and replied “number”.

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